Lairs and Frauds.

Complaint by:
Mohamed Essam

Against edfa3ly

Status : Pending

Order #706321 .. Issue #1: There was an item that cost 29 dollars with free domestic shipping on orders over 30 dollars (normally 5 dollars domestic shipping .. i Bought 110 Dollars worth of product from that site and they still charged me the domestic shipping. despite that i called the customer support and asked specifically about this they said your total order from that site is eligible for free shipping .. we will not charge you. Issue #2 Like issue #1 but with a different website. Issue #3 That's the most important one .. My item was delivered to their office at USA on Sept. 4th (Screenshot 1)... i contacted them and she assured me that the item is there and will be shipped soon... yesterday (26th) i contacted them that the item is taking too long .. someone called Iffat told me that the item is indeed there.. but it was lost ... LOST MY ITEM... Today (27th) they sent me an email that the item has been cancelled because "THE SELLER REFUNDED AND CANCELLED" .. lies .... screen shot 2... Issue #4 They Didn't refund me after what happened in #3 .. they automatically took the money as "shipping costs" for the other items... they are using my money and taking decisions on their own !!! they didn't come back to me asking if i want refund or want re-order... Conclusion: Edfa3ly is the most incompetent company in Egypt ... NO ALL OF THE MIDDLE EAST. They don't know anything about commitment .. they are not good on any level .. technical level or social level OR ANY LEVEL !!!.. their customer service is EXTREMELY ROBOTIC and one of leaders (female) there almost cursed to me on the phone !!! They don't respect people .. all they want is to collect as much money as humanly possible.