Worst Scam ever

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Against edfa3ly

Status : Pending

If you for any reason want to have your money sucked out of your pockets, I am sure edfa3ly is the perfect place for you. I placed an order over a month ago and was promised my items would be here on the 7th of April if not before. The website promises 3-8 days delivery but now with over a month I am completely fed up with this service. They don't reply to any emails at all, and you might be thinking that the issue can be solved with their customer service you are mistaken. Prepare for the biggest false lies/information you will ever receive, every agent promising something different than the next- me being completely done with their terrible service asked for a refund and despite promised a refund, when I contacted them the next day there was no refund in process. Please don't use their service, this is simply a scheme to get money sucked out of your pockets