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cotemireni cotemireni

Against edfa3ly

Status : Pending

Don't order from this site. They try to suck every penny out of you. They have a shipping fee of $1.37 for every 100g (grams). I ordered a product way below 100g and they round it off to 200g. I emailed them regarding this issue and they called. Some Egyptian guy answered and said "what is the difference?". In the email I said please check this issue because i dont want to pay the shipping fees twice. Their brilliant solution was to cancel my order. Worst customer service. This is not the first time a similar problem like this has happened. EDFA3LY IS THE WORST. Here are their phone numbers: +20 114 997 0800 +20 102 711 1673 +20 100 017 6072 #cheaters #2017 #scam #worst


  • Hello sir, first of all we would like to thank you for contacting us through eshtki, Second, please clarify your order number so that we can help you ?

    2017-04-03 07:45:30