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Complaint by:
Ahmed Hatem

Against Vodafone

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I purchased 12 cards each is for 50 LE and i tried rechargeing them and everytime it was telling me this card was used before so i contacted the customer service and told them about it the agent told me nothing he can do to me and i would have to get back to the place i purchased the cards from i asked to speak to a team leader and since he got on the phone he started treating me as a thief and a credit seeker and kept telling me that i have to go back to the place i purchased the cards from although i told him that i already scratched the 12 cards and there is no way the place i purchased them from would accept them back now he told how would i know that u didn't find those carda i tried explaninig that its impossible to find 12 cards with the same value and some of them have similar serial numbers but he already decided that i'm trying to scam them i then asked to speak to another team leader and it was exactly the same i tried to tell him that during the 5 years i was with vodafone i never called and asked for a compensation or even tried fishy games with them to get credit but he also kept telling me to go back to the same place that i bought them from and that he couldn't help me further , they kept talking over me they didn't listen to a word i was saying i got really furstrated and started shouting cause they are not even listening or trying to help me and they kept giving me warning that if i don't stop shouting they will terminate the call which they did after 45 minutes of arguments and them pushing me to go back where i got the cards from and now i'm out of pocket 600 pounds with no way to fix this issue


  • Thanks Ahmed for your complaint. We forwarded your complaint to Vodafone who confirmed that they will get in touch with you shortly. Please update us when they do.

    2016-05-19 05:19:30

  • Hello Ahmed, We've received a reply from Vodafone that your mobile is switched off. Can you tell us when is the best suitable time to call you? please reply as a comment or send us an email on Thanks.

    2016-05-19 10:49:42

  • Ahmed Hatem

    Dear Eshteki team Its been 3 days and Vodafone didn't call me yet all what they did was send me a text saying they tried to call but they couldn't and no missed calls from them , if they say that they need a good time to call , they call between 9 am to 11 am everyday

    2016-05-24 11:18:24

  • Thanks Ahmed, We've forwarded your comment to Vodafone.

    2016-05-24 15:59:12