Wrong products shipped

Complaint by:
mohamed hussein

Against Jumia Egypt

Status : Pending

I ordered 3 items over the internet, First item was shipped it was the wrong item but i had to pay for it then file a comlain so i did 2 weeks went by, I called again i was told to sent a copy of the order to their mail dept. of course i was not told that in the first phone call i mailed the stuff they ask for tell today i have not got any response from jumia i called the 19586 i was on hold for 45 mn. now i am stuck with the wrong items and out 352 pounds, What a rip off they ship the wrong items but we have to accepted not just that but also pay for it and the shipping charges, Like we pay for their mistakes, I bet they don't have that policy in the United Emirates or any place else in the world, But they do it in Egypt, What a rip off outfit. Ps, That phone number they have you can forget about and the customer service they don't have any, But call to purchase you will get the red carpet, Do buy anything fro Jumia Big mistake.