dont buy anything from Jumia

Complaint by:
Mohamed Gomaa

Against Jumia Egypt

Status : Pending

“Jumia is the worst place to buy anything online, because they have always a fake products with low rates and once you purchase it you will receive an Email telling you that the product is not available on stock, and if you complained they will tell you go to the hell and will not offer any other alternative products you may ask me why they put fake product on their web? this is called as the black hat marketing as you put a fake product with a low rates to increase the number of your visitor to the website, i bought a bike from them online and after 2 days i have been informed that the product is not available on the stock and asked them to give me any alternative regardless the trade mark or price but they didn't accept it and they offered a compensation for just 4 $ which is a kind of mockery for the customers, Jumia Egypt know what is the meaning of customer, moreover their customer service is very rude