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tropicana grand azure
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worst stay ever

By Mariana BIG. On July 27th, 2014 At 13:34

Against tropicana grand azure

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Dear Sir/ madam, I just came back from a disastrous vacation at this hotel. It was the absolute worst hotel experience ever in my travels. We went to this hotel 2 years ago when it was "Tropicana Grand Azure" hotel and everything at that time was amazing; the service, the professionalism, the staff, the room cleanliness, etc.... so we decided to make our vacation this year also at the hotel we enjoyed so much previously. To our great disappointment, everything has changed this year. Thanks to the new "Tirana" management chain of course. We booked at this hotel from the 14th to the 18th of July 2014 and we made our booking around mid June 2014 (almost a month earlier). We booked almost 11 double bedrooms as we were a big family who wanted to enjoy our time together. It all started when we arrived at the hotel on Monday, the 14th of July. We were received by the so called Mohamed at the reception/ front desk. This person proved to be later the most rude, unprofessional and tactless person with zero background when it comes to handling customers especially angry ones. We arrived at the hotel at 1.00 pm. and this person received us and told us we can wear the bracelet (all inclusive) and go to the restaurant to eat for half an hour or so until the rooms are ready. We didn't argue this and we went to the restaurant and stayed there for almost an hour or an hour and a half. When we finished and we asked about our rooms, he told us the rooms are no