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unprofessional services very rude

By Ola A E. On February 22nd, 2015 At 13:13

Against octopi octopi

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If you ever come across a courier service called ‪#‎octopi‬ https://www.facebook.com/seliman.mouawad?fref=ts DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. They have hired unprofessional human beings that are beyond RUDE over the phone 2al 3ala akher el zaman you hire a service we yeklemek ye2olak arkab meneen wel share3 da arro7o ezay tab wlahy law ana kont 3rfa kont etsaraft ana badal el masareef mesh keda? la2 we b3d ma i complain about this SHIT service ye2oly i believe my messengers didn't do that and i don't believe your clients? WANA HATBALA 3ALA ABOOKO LEH? mesh kefaya deliveries are always late and they don't understand the concept of TIME! LA2 we after all this yegy wa7ed maloosh ay talata lazma yetkalem 3ala eslooby feel kalam eta hat3almeny el 2adab? eh 2let el 2adab dee we 3adam el tarbya dee? la2 well wasakha enak u send an email with what happened asking to terminate any agreements together and your get a text saying after hearing my teams story hahahahaha really? did you ever hear of a concept called customer is always right?? take it in to consideration and use it to improve your company standards!!! owners of such services should monitor phones and record conversations!