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rude staff, damaged product

By Sherif Sharaf. On April 3rd, 2014 At 14:08

Against mobaco cottons

Status : Solved

i bought a 2 shirts from mobaco a month and a half ago, which i loved. I opened one the other night to dress up for an occasion ad discovered an issue with the collar being skewd to the right. no matter what i did it would just pop off out of my v neck. i tried re-ironing it. But it was no help. I went to get a replacement for the shirt today in maadi digla branch. The Casheir or manager i assume was rude, arguing extensively that nothing is wrong, that they cant see anything wrong. convincing me that there is nothing wrong telling me how i should wear it (buttoned to the top, to hide the skew ) and getting the bussboy to second her opinion. Their attitude was very disappointing, offering only resistance while they should have been examining the QUALITY ISSUE and reporting it MANAGEMENT for further Reference. After 15 minutes of arguing in front of another customer. To get rid of me, they told me fine well send it to the factory, but we know the factory will say nothing is wrong. I tried to compare the skewd shirt with the one i was wearing, and asked her if Mobaco is ok with this inferior standard of quality, and if this is what the brand strives for? the answer was YES, these are our standards. Can someone tell me how is a customer like myself who is trying to promote an egyptian brand and be LOYAL to its products should react ? I mean I was out to buy some shirts for and Mobaco was my first stop. i dint even want to return it, i just wanted an undeformed collar.In the end