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Service complain

By Lotfy Lotfy. On August 9th, 2016 At 18:29

Against Toyota Egypt

Status: Pending

From: Lotfy Ahmed Lotfy Re: Service complain Date: August 9th, 2016 Dear Sir, I am Lotfy Ahmed Lotfy of Egyptian nationality, Toyota Fortuner owner since 2013, - Model: 2013, Chassis #: 109300524, motor #: 7413786. When I purchased the car, I had all maintenance schedules made @ Toyota Egypt premises, which I have full documents to support this. Same day after received the car from the last maintenance job, I got a technical problem so I referred back to them. I was informed that, the dynamo was broken and the factory warranty expired 3 months, before such incidence. It is quite strange for me; I never heard the dynamo is a fragile part that has to be replaced after 3 years - the warranty period granted by the dealer locally OR 100000 KM whichever comes first and my car reading was 68000 only at that time) If it is not a sort of factory defect I have no explanation why my dynamo had so short life !!. The dealer offered to find the part and I have to pay it, but since more than 1.5 month the vehicle is parked in the dealer’s facilities without any solution for me, they promised to check with the manufacturer and get back to me, but I failed to have any communication with them. I am kindly asking for your assistance for solving this problem, I am using the car on a daily basis and they did not even offer me a replacement during the period, and it is already idle for a long period of time. I never expect such act from one of the most reputable companies in the