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Shaolin Camp Refund

By Olfat Sakr. On December 19th, 2013 At 21:54

Against Tazkarty

Status: Published

Last year, Tazkarty started marketing for a Shaolin Camp event in February in Wahat. Due to the instability in the country, it got postponed to May (They gave us the option to refund our money but I trusted them so chose to wait until May). The event ended up getting canceled in May. They didn't bother contact some of us (if not all) to let us know and eventually when I called asking for my refund (I paid a down payment for my brother and myself), they kept dodging. It's December and I am still trying to get my refund. 2 weeks ago they told me to go pick it up (I called them a day before going to make sure because they are located in Giza). I showed up, the person who was there did not know where my money was and could not reach someone who did know. He promised he would have someone personally deliver the money (I spent over 3 hours in traffic that day) to make it up for me. I still did not get my money back. I tried reaching someone in management to complain but they continue to avoid my calls. Their customer service and management is crap. They blame it on the accountant but if he is incompetent they should find someone else. It is not our fault!