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Sony Xperia M4

By Mai Amer. On June 19th, 2016 At 02:32

Against Sony Mobile

Status : Solved

اشتريت موبيل من موبيل شوب يوم 22.05.2016 و فوجئت بمشاكل كتير: الموبيل بيسخن جدا من ابسط استخدام لدرجة عدم القدرة على لمسه بطارية الموبيل ضعيفة جدا و بتخلص من أقل استخدام الموبيل بيقفل لوحده بدون اي انذار ان البطارية قربت تخلص الكول لوج بيختفي رجعت الموبايل خلال ال 14 يوم و فوجئت ان مينفعش ارجعه و ان الجهاز لازم يروح للتوكيل و اذا اثبتوا صحة كلامي هيبدلوه .. اللي باع لي الموبايل حاول اقناعي ان المشاكل دي طبيعية و ان انا اللي بدلع أصريت ان الموبايل يروح شركة دلتا (وكيل سوني) و انهاردة لسه ردين ان "الجهاز يعمل جيدا" موبيل شوب كلموني من اسبوع قالولي انهم هيجيبوا ريبورت من (دلتا) ان الموبيل فيه مشكلة و لسه رادين عليا امبارح انهم معرفوش يعملوا كده!!

Sony Xperia Z2 and Warranty

By Haidy Mikhail. On September 19th, 2015 At 06:15

Against Sony Mobile

Status: Pending

My sony xperia z2 is waterproof, I purchased it from and when I used it under water the touch functionality stopped working. Tried to contact the warranty in Egypt they said it should be fixed at the warranty branch of the country of purchase??!!! When I contacted the warranty at Texas they said that I should ship the device on my own expenses, and also the return shipping too. Also that the mobile may not be fixed. Afterwards, Sony released a warning for users, saying please don't use our phones under water!!!!! The cost for the screen change is about 1000 to 1500 egyptian pounds, although the whole phone is for 3000 l.e and was purchased in less than a year. ‪#‎Sony‬ claims that their phones are waterproof and then they stop working after using under water even for 10 sec. given that the indicators are not detecting any water entrance. When you ask for a warranty in your country they redirect u to the warranty of the country of purchase asking you to ship the device on your own expenses even if its their FAULT that they create DEFECTIVE devices. Don't buy from Sony.

They damaged my device

By Rami Mohsen. On August 5th, 2014 At 13:39

Against Sony Mobile

Status: Published

Please friends Do Like for this post.. من فضلكم اعملوا لايك... .................... Dear #Sony Mobile.., Although i love your brand and your products.. But with my first experience in carrying your mobile.. And after you finally released a good production line in mobiles industry.. Your after-sales service here in #Sony_Mobiles in Egypt.. is awful.. They cannot repair my device.. and also refused to let me meet someone in charge.. also i gave them a mobile that cannot vibrate... and they gave me a mobile that vibrates but cannot: 1) is not a waterproof. 2) has no power button. 3) volume up is not functioning. 4) very slow in processing anything. I was carrying #HTC for 5 years and i never went to the service.. Also my friends who holds #Apple mobiles never went to service.. Also who holds #Samsung they always forget that they went to services, 'coz they are treated well along aside with their devices.. #Sony Mobiles... specially in Egypt would no longer stay in this market if they continuing in treating their customers in such a manner/attitude.. Please advice if you can.. ............................................................................................................................ أعزائي #سوني موبايل..، بالرغم من حبي لماركتكم و منتجاتكم.. لكن، و مع أول تجربة لي في اقتناء هاتفكم.. و بعد.. أخيرا انطلاقتكم في خط انتاج متميز في صناعة الهواتف.. خدمة ما بعد البيع لديكم هنا في #سوني_هواتف في مصر ... سيئة جدا.. فهم لا يستطيعون اصلاح جهازي.. ك