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Salsapeel Mobi fix
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went to fix a broken screen and got a broken phone instead

By Dina ElMaamoun. On September 5th, 2014 At 23:15

Against Salsapeel Mobi fix

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this shop came highly recommended in fixing mobile phones. i went to fix my sony xperia's broken screen and has bought the spare part on my own, otherwise the phone was perfectly functional and they made sure of that when they received it. they told me that the screen might not work in some places because it was not original and i accepted (although now that they broke the rest of my phone i think it's their own incompetence) and i kept calling every day for 2 days and they kept saying "they're working on it" finally they called on the 3rd day to tell me that it's ready. i picked it up and tested the screen without inserting the sim, and it wasn't working in some places as they said. then when i inserted the sim the phone wouldnt see it. i went back to them an hour later and they fumbled with it, then they got it to work (send and receive calls and on wifi) on my way home i noticed there was no 3g, and then when i checked the network it was set to gsm. on 3g, the same problem that i had told them about was still there!!!! and they dared tell me it was fixed and return it to me!!!! so instead of replacing my broken screen, they turned my smart phone into a gsm phone!!!!! and the worst thing about the whole thing is how they kept lying about "working on it" and "Testing it" and "oh we just have a bad network here" i'm going back to them tomorrow to try and get something done, although i figure my phone is broken for good :'(