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Service isseu

By Shaimaa Deen. On April 2nd, 2016 At 08:32

Against Salem fabrics

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I had the worst customer experience at salem Cairo downtown branch.. I had a look there as the most premium and supposedly the most respectful fabric shops in Egypt. And after i found the perfect piece of fabric i come to face the surprise when the seller tells me that he cannot give me the length i need because some sort of a weird rule that he cannot sell and leave behind a certain length from each fabric so if they sell me what i need it would keep them left with an length less than this rule. The suggestion was to either take the full remaining amount which was exactly DOUBLE what i actually needed or "to look for something else" so as a customer i was literally asked to look for another piece after finding what i liked the most just to make them more profits! Seriously! It that how u treat your customers! Its really a shame! Don't you know that you should satisfy your customer no matter what! Its really a shame that i get this kind of treatment from whats supposed to be the biggest fabric store in Egypt! That was on Friday 1st March 2016. @SALEM Alta Moda.