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Terrible Sales

By Human Inthemaking. On March 8th, 2014 At 00:04

Against SIPES

Status: Published

After going and trying the 1st settlement and being scammed with prices. I know that because I sent my driver to make the same purchase hours later. I decided to give El Rehab branch a try, despite my best judgement. Firstly, I picked the colors and then I payed a deposit and went to come back later. Only to find that only one one out of 4 of my orders are prepared, and the one that was prepared was prepared in a bumped can, with an expired date (the bumped can contains the base), when I asked for my money back, teh guy refused to give it back, and he charged me more than what was stated on the computer, saying that it was taxes. I wasnt in the mood to argue, but I know it wasn't taxes. Anyhow, I decided to complaint on their facebook page. Only to learn that the thing that SIPES are good at is promptly deleting negative facebook posts. My advice is never go to SIPES unless you know that chances are those working there might try to scam you. Thank you :)