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Blocked all Free channels!

By Yasin Mohab. On January 7th, 2013 At 10:42

Against Orbit Showtime Network

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I signed up for one of the OSN bundles a while ago and they gave me an HD receiver. after almost one year they installed an update on the receiver. At some point i wanted to stop the service for 2 months and then resume back, They blocked ALL THE CHANNELS!!! They have no right in doing this, if i dont pay they should block only their channels but they shouldnt block the free channels also. Anyways i called their customer service and they were extremely arrogant, most of them werent egyptians and were talking in a very arrogant way, one of them told me i should read the contract carefully because it states that they can do whatever the changes they want without notifying their customers!!! I guess OSN need to improve their services and they need to teach their reps. how to talk with clients. They only called and cared when i cancelled my account!