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Prices increase without any prior notice

By Mohamed Reda. On July 30th, 2016 At 10:49

Against OSN

Status: Pending

OSN increase their prices by 19% without prior notice or informing me that it will be increased & found out from my bank statement that the prices was increased when I called them they told me they sent an sms, who sends a sms when increasing the prices on their customers just, this shows how they treat their customers. Then I filed a complaint and the CS rep told me they will reply within 48 hours this was last Friday and No one replied to me not yet!!!!!!! Thanks OSN.....

Un-authorized credit card debit (OSN Fraud case)

By Tamer Tarek. On June 12th, 2016 At 06:24

Against OSN

Status: Sent to company

في مشكلة عامه مع OSN.... الناس دي رفعت الاشتراك الشهري من ٣٢٠ ل٣٩٠ بس مش دي المشكله ... الطبيعي أنهم يبلغوا العميل بالزيادة و هو حر يكمل العقد معاهم و لا لا ... الناس دي سحبت علي طول من الفيزا بدون اخطار العملاء و انا اكتشفت الاشتراك الجديد من البنك ... عملت شكوي و طبعا قمة قله الاحترام للعملاء و يقولك هو كده و مش هنرجع الفلوس الزياده اللي اتسحبت ... عملت كومنت عندهم علي الفيسبوك طبعا مسحوه .... الفكره مش فالفلوس أكتر من المبدأ ... في عقد بينا بمبلغ معين هو يزود و يروح يسحب من الفيزا بدون اخطار العميل ... يعني بكره ممكن يقول انا زودت الاشتراك من ٣٠٠ ل ٣٠٠٠ جنيه و يسحب من أرصده العملاء ...

خدمه سيئه

By Pakinam Nasser. On April 24th, 2016 At 15:51

Against OSN

Status: Sent to company

من اكثر من سنتين اشتركت فى OSN تانى بعد كا مشكله لما كانوا اوربت, . و المندوب قاللى ان فيه عرض فى عدد من القنوات معاها باقه الفا , بعد الاشتراك فوجئت ان مفيش الفا و عملت شكوى و فعلا نزلولى القنوات و اعتذروا و قالوا ان الباقه الى عندى و الفا هتفضل بمبلغ 285, الا انه فوجئت الشهر ده ان هما خصموا زياده منى 100 جنيه علشان الفا بحجه ان هما كانوا ناسيين يلغوا العرض و قرروا يلغوه و يحاسبونى , عملت شكوى و محدش كلمنى و اشتكيت فى رساله على صفحتهم من يوم 17 ابريل و لسه محدش كلمنى


By Anonymous. On February 4th, 2016 At 16:50

Against OSN

Status: Sent to company

اشتكى شبكة او اس ان فين حيث قامت بزيادة الأسعار دون علم وقامت بسحب المبلغ من كارت الإئتمان قبل مدة التجديد وعندما اتصلت بهم لإلغاء الإشتراك رفضو قالو لى انى مجبر عل الدفع حتى 5/3/2016فاين يمكن اتقدم بشكوى فيهمOSN الأوربت وشكرا

New User Complaint

By ahmed Ismail. On December 28th, 2014 At 16:28

Against OSN

Status: Published

Dear All: Kindly be informed that i subscribed at your service at 7/12/2014 via telephone, i contacted your customer service to ask how to subscribe, it was done within the call by your representative (Mohamed.Nassar) by updating my data, my Personal ID data and my credit card number in order to pay the first payment , he deducted 459 EGP successfully online, in the same day telling me that OSN will charge my card with the amount of 109 EGP and i agreed on the terms, also I received a confirmation mail that the payment deducted online successfully with a subscription number 1942590 After 1 day the service was activated successfully, and I sent the contract, ID and credit card via mail. Starting of 17 or 18 December the service deactivated daily and activated again according to a phone call to your customer service daily due to my documents was not received via mail whoever it was sent to MCEOPS@CNE.com.eg as your technical representative forget to took the signed documents in the same day of activation. After sending these documents for 6 consecutive days and each time they told me that they will call me to confirm which does not happen except once from someone called Ghada which is a professional representative who followed the problem with a promise that it will never happen again. Today after 21 days of subscription i was shocked when they told me that the concerned department refused my credit card as it's a debit card cannot be used online.. Unfortunately th