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Sony Xperia M4 Aqua

By Mai Amer. On June 8th, 2016 At 07:14

Against Mobile Shop

Status : Solved

اشتريت موبيل من موبيل شوب يوم 22.05.2016 و فوجئت بمشاكل كتير: الموبيل بيسخن جدا من ابسط استخدام لدرجة عدم القدرة على لمسه بطارية الموبيل ضعيفة جدا و بتخلص من أقل استخدام الموبيل بيقفل لوحده بدون اي انذار ان البطارية قربت تخلص الكول لوج بيختفي رجعت الموبايل خلال ال 14 يوم و فوجئت ان مينفعش ارجعه و ان الجهاز لازم يروح للتوكيل و اذا اثبتوا صحة كلامي هيبدلوه .. اللي باع لي الموبايل حاول اقناعي ان المشاكل دي طبيعية و ان انا اللي بدلع أصريت ان الموبايل يروح شركة دلتا (وكيل سوني) و انهاردة لسه ردين ان "الجهاز يعمل جيدا" Mobile Shop أو Sony للاسف دي مش أول شكوى ضد قدمت شكوى في جهاز حماية المستهلك و في انتظار الرد

قال إيه الخدمه الأون لاين مش تبعهم !!

By Naiera Partaw. On March 23rd, 2016 At 10:12

Against Mobile Shop

Status: Viewed by company

الكلام ده حصل يوم ٢١ مارس ٢٠١٦ فكرت أشتري موبيل و بما إني كنت مزنوقه في الشغل، و مطلبتوش بدري من أي شركه محترمه، ف قررت أحجزه من علي ) .موقع موبيل شوب ، وأروح أستلمه منأقرب فرع ليا (عمارات العبور I thought of buying a new mobile phone (Lenovo A 2010), and because i did not ordered it ahead of time from one of the respectable companies, i decided to buy it from Mobile Shop. I looked up their website, and i found an online reservation service, so that anyone can reserve a specific mobile and go to receive it from the nearest branch you want. So, i filled the reservation form on the website and i received the confirmation email right away. Soon after, i received a phone call from one of their representatives (the number is attached below) confirming the order with me and assuring that when i pass by the branch that evening (around 7:00 PM) i will find it and finalise the deal. As agreed i dropped by El Odour Buildings branch in time, but i did not find anything. And when i stressed that i did reserved one earlier that morning and i received a confirmation from their side, the customer service representative responded rudely, claiming that the online service is MSH TABA3HOM and they did not receive any notifications about my reservation, and i can get back to the "representative" that confirmed with me. Moreover, he was very manipulative and refused at the beginning to tell me in which branch i could find this mobile, trying to force me to wait for the next day and buy


By Amani Khalifa. On October 13th, 2014 At 11:18

Against Mobile Shop

Status: Published

I bought an Olkya Power tank PT-10400-1 from your Iqbal branch at Alexandria. It worked great with my mobile phone when I used the tank to charge it, but when it was time to charge the power tank it wasn't charging, when I unplugged the charger the socket went out with the charger. I'm not that powerful to break a socket the first time I unplug it, so it clearly wasn't soldered correctly. I bought it on 30/9 and was out of Egypt from 1/10 till 7/10, I got back to MobileShop Egypt Iqbal branch to replace it on (8/10) they asked me to come the day after (9/10) for their manager to be present, when I got back to them on 9/10 they told me that I need to go to Cairo to replace it which doesn't make any sense since I bought it from Alexandria and I'm really not ready to go all the way to Cairo to replace a power tank. On 9/10 I issued a compliant through the number on the receipt, but I got no response till now although they told me that they're going to respond in two days. I called again yesterday 13/10 to discover that there was no compliant recorded on the last time I called and I had to issue a new one!!! I also issued a complaint through their website on 9/10 but I didn't get any response till now. This is so unacceptable and I expected more from Mobile shop.Complaint Content