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wrong billing

By Anonymous. On February 2nd, 2016 At 03:04

Against LinkDSL

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i paid 3 months in advance on august and another 3 months 28 Sep to cover the period till Feb 20 i discovered they cut the service on January saying the bill wasn't paid i contacted live chat and promise to adjust nothing happend they cut the service again and forced me to pay another 18 to get the service back they are joking and no management 9:39:37 AM: nina: Chat Transcript Visitor: nina Assigned Operator: LINKDSL-Support Accepted Operator: LINKDSL-Support Company: LINKdotNET Started: 28-Jan-2016 9:04:56 AM Finished: 28-Jan-2016 9:24:35 AM 9:04:56 AM: nina: wrong biiling 9:04:56 AM: Welcome nina! Your request has been directed to the Billing الحسابات department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call. اهلا بك لقد تم تحويلك للقسم المختص ، برجاء انتظار أحد ممثلينا ليقوم بالرد على استفساراتك. 9:05:10 AM: nina: hi 9:05:57 AM: All our operators are busy at the moment, please hold, If you would like to leave a message, please type it in the input field below and click "Send" button عفوا، جميع ممثلى خدمة العملاء مشغولين بالرد على عملاء اخرين في الوقت الحالي برجاء الانتظار و سوف يتم الرد عليكم حالا، في حال رغبتك ترك رسالة، يرجى كتابتها في المساحة المخصصة أدناه، ثم الضغط على زر ’ارسال’ 9:07:04 AM: Call accepted by operator LINKDSL-Support. تم استقبال المحادثة بنجاح بواسطة احد ممثلى خدمه العملاء 9:07:04 AM: L


By Mahmood Hassan. On January 28th, 2016 At 04:29

Against LinkDSL

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LINKDSL made me an offer 6 month ago to switch from te-data to their company and the offer was that I would pay 50% for 2mb speed the first 6 month. I agreed based that after the 6 month I will downgrade my speed to 1mb after the offer and they told me its okay to do that. Called the customer service today she told me you cant downgrade for a full year and no one gave you that offer, i asked her to speak to a manager and her reply was "mafeesh manager w kda kda mesh haye3melak 7aga, ele ana 2oltoholak howa dah ele haye7sal" so I told hernI want to cancel my service cause you guysnare dishonest and she said "bardo ya fandem mayenfa3sh abl sana". So now am trapped in being the standard proce for 2mb speed for 6 month and i can't even switch services or change speed.

الانترنت سيئ للغاية وخدمة العملاء أسوأ

By Anonymous. On November 12th, 2015 At 18:15

Against LinkDSL

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سرعة النت عندى سيئة جدا لدرجة انه سرعة نت باقة التاب بتاعى اسرع من سرعتكم اللى 1 ميجا كلمت خدمة العملاء مرتين متتاليتين فى يومين متتاليين وفى كل مرة يقولوا يمكن الموقع هو اللى عليه ضغط مع العلم انى مكنتش بستخدم غير فيس وجوجل فقط ولا كنت بعمل داونلود ولا حتى فاتحة فيديو على يوتيوب الموضوع مزعج جدا بالنسبالى لأنى شغلى كله اون لاين وبالتالى دة بيعطلنى


By Tamer Housny. On October 9th, 2015 At 15:19

Against LinkDSL

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تم ضم فاتوره شهر سبتمبر مع اكتوبروذلك لوجود خطا بالنظام اسقط فاتوره مع الع لم بانى متعاقد معهم على الدفع شهريا ورقم التليفون ٤٩٥٥١٢٢

customer service is very low

By Karim Adele. On August 18th, 2014 At 13:08

Against LinkDSL

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service is very very bad