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Horrible Experience

By Maryam AlMaraghy. On April 21st, 2016 At 10:19

Against Lacoste Egypt

Status: Pending

I had a horrible experience with Lacoste Egypt. I visited the shop last Tuesday so i can have a look at the Men's bathing suits. Found a blue one and i asked for the size i needed, the salesman told me that there is a size available at the other branch which is Cairo Festival City branch. Anyway i left my phone number and name so the salesman can call me when it reaches mohandesin branch and i made sure that i urgently need it to be in mohandesin maximum by thursday morning. I also made a friend of mine pass by lacoste Cairo festival city so she can assure the reservation and leave my name there with my phone number incase the item doesn't get delivered to mohandesin. Thursday morning i went to pick up the bathing suit, reached to find that the salesman at the shop knows nothing about the case. I waited there for an entire hour so he can find me a solution to the problem. The shop manager arrived (i didn't really know then that he is the shop manager), we argued and he said i have no option other than you should wait till 7pm. I told alright, give me a contact number to a manager so i can complain, he laughed sarcastically giving me a phone number and mentioned the first 3 digits then he said but this is my number because im the shop manager. So apparently it was a joke to him and i asked for a number of their supervisor. He gave me a contact number to a lady named SALMA working in the back office called "Mac". She was EXTREMELY rude and she is supposedly responsible for cust