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أسوأ خدمة عملاء مطلقا

By Mohamed Emam. On May 19th, 2016 At 14:32

Against LG

Status: Sent to company

اسوأ شركة واسوأ اجراءات صيانه وخدمة عملاء فى منتهى قلة الذوق. اللى حصل ان موبايلى ال جى جى4 حصله مشكله روحت التوكيل-اللى مالوش غير فرع واحد-والموبايل كان لسه فى الضمان وقالولى 48 ساعه عمل وهنبلغ حضرتك العطل ووقت الاصلاح محدش اتصل واتصلت انا بيهم بعد 4 ايام قالولى اصل قطعة الغيار مش موجوده وهنبلغ المخزن، سالتهم طب حد هيكلمنى ولا انا اللى هتصل قاللى لا انت اللى هتتصل تشوفها قولتلهم هيا مش ده خدمة العملاء انتوا مستنيين لما انا اكلمكوا(ده كانت اول مكالمه لاسوا خدمة عملاء) فات شهر واتصلت بيهم تانى اسالهم على المده المطلوبه اللى لو ماستلمتش فيها موبايلى يتبدل بواحد جديد-وانا كنت قريت فى الضمان ان بعد شهر يتم استبدال الجهاز باخر جديد فى حالة عدم انتهاء الصيانه-يرد عليا موظف خدمة العملاء يقولى معنديش مده محدده اسلمك فيها جهاز جديد مهما طالت فترة الصيانه ده تقدير قسم الصيانه قولتله الكلام ده لو مشترى حاجه اى كلام ملهاش ماركه من شارع عبد العزيز مش حاجه ليها اسمها وشركه محترمه والمفروض ان خدمة العملاء بتاعتهم محترمه قاللى انت سالت وانا جاوبتك قولتله ده غلط قاللى خلاص راجع الضمان قولتله انا قريته ومكتوب فيه كده قاللى والله ده رايك انا قلت اللى عندى(وده كانت تانى مكالمه مع اقذر خدمة عملاء)

Can't fix my TV

By Mohammad Shaheen. On May 8th, 2014 At 10:05

Against LG

Status: Published

This was my first encounter with the LG support in Egypt, i have an LG LCD 42 inch TV that i bought back in 2008 and it's definitely out of warranty and suddenly it started to behave weirdly shutting down by itself and not accepting any commands from the remote control. so i called the support and hoped that they can fix this problem . i must say that they sent the support engineer to my house and their timing was excellent and the diagnosis went smooth and they identified that the whole TV motherboard needs to be replaced and they refused to take any fees for the investigation and informed me that the complete cost will be charged after the TV will be fixed. i thought that's very good service and i waited for the call back to confirm the spare part is ready for my TV. Now it starts to get strange, i didn't receive any call back for more than 3 weeks and when i called they told me they are waiting for the spare part and finally after almost a month i called and they said we are sorry your TV is too old and it's out of warranty and we don't have any spare parts for it so bad luck and we only offer u to buy a new TV from us with a 15% discount ! now what would you feel if you have a TV that is only 5 years old and it's totally dead with no hope to fix ! and does buying new products from this company really solve this issue or not ! i'm not happy with the quality of this product after all and the solution they offered is not satisfactory and i would never buy a TV from LG ag