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failure to deliver order after FOUR hours

By Anonymous. On April 24th, 2016 At 08:40

Against Knockmart

Status: Sent to company

Hi - i have made an order today from knockmart at 11:20 am and i got a call after one hour saying the order will be late by one hour. I called after one hour from getting the call expecting the order to be there at 13:20 and they said they meant one hour late after the 120 mins delivery time meaning the order will be there at 14:20. At 14:30 i called after no order arrived and they said they will get back to me. at 14:45 they said the order will be there in 5 minutes. at 15:00 there was still no order. I called to demand a refund because i had paid online and they said the refund is processed in 14 days and that is the bank's problem not theirs. i explained that any refund can be done in the spot and it appears in my account after 5 days and i will call the bank to make sure i got refunded. anyway, after this call, i got a call from the delivery van at 15:30 (more than FOUR hours after making my order) saying he's close to the metro station that i gave as a landmark. after waiting, i call him again and he's on the other side of the metro station (a distance that would take him by car no less than 30 minutes). i called again to say that i insist on an immediate refund and they tell me that the complaint is with the top management. i have had it really with this knockmart today, i will never order from them again. and i demand a refund.