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Birthday Planning Nightmare!

By Yasmeen Sharaf. On February 7th, 2016 At 11:40

Against Itemz

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It all began with me planning my 30th birthday...I wanted a royal princess theme...and I had specific pictures that I wanted the event planner to copy. I was told to go with "itemz" . They are 2 sisters, amira in charge of decorations and sarah in charge of cakes. Dealing with them was a nightmare!!!!!!!!! At first they were so nice and the deal was that I pay half and the rest when I receive everything...then a week before the event we met...they hadn't started working on anything! And she asked me for the rest of the payment...and naive me paid it..NEVER PAY IN EGYPT BEFOREHAND!!! And that was the turning point. I asked her for samples so I will not be surprised...she flipped out on me saying this is the weirdest request client ever asked something like that of her..and "law mesh 3agebny isa 3anny ma3amalt the bday with them"!!!!!!!!! And that my request is insulting and that i have an attitude. I said what if i dont like it the day of?? no response! We can play a game! Spot the differences as they can't seem to find any from the pics.. In pic1 is the cupcakes i asked for...i specifically asked for NO FLOWERS in anything...and NO CHOCOLATE because my sister is allergic..picture 2 shows the cupcakes with chocolate...when i told her didn't i specifically say no chocolate...Sara's response was she doesn't have to eat from them!!!!! Not only that...they had flowers and they were burnt as u can see in picture 3. Picture 4 is what I wanted as toppers for candy and 5