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Rated 1/5 based on 3 Complaints

Unprofessional Practitioners

By Anonymous. On July 5th, 2017 At 17:48

Against InShape Clinic

Status: Pending

I cannot believe the nerve of the practitioners in charge of the body shaping devices. Some of them are completely rude, unprofessional, disrespectful and what I just recently noticed is that they reduce the time of the treatments - I was told it's 30 mins, they gave me 20 or 25 mins. This happened several times. I even tested them and had a timer in my phone and the minutes were reduced. I am shocked. I thought this was a professional service but apparently I have dealt with these types of unethical practitioners in several branches and a lot of them are unprofessional and cut down the minutes...I complained to customer service and they didn't do anything. InShape, please be careful of who works at your clinic, you hired a bunch of unprofessional, poorly trained college students who don't give us what we paid for, this is an embarrassment to your reputation. Never setting foot in this clinic again!

Bad Service

By Anonymous. On May 12th, 2017 At 18:17

Against InShape Clinic

Status: Pending

Unfortunately I paid around 3000 LE for no service! When I complained to their claimed QA department, they didn't take any action and didn't care for their patients. They didn't even return back to me with a solution and also stopped answering me back. A complete fraud! One of the worst clinics I've ever seen and treated with in my life. They don't care about their patients and only look for profits and gaining money. Their claimed Quality Assurance department doesn't take any actions regarding their patients and their bias towards the complained against dermatologists is very clear. Completely unprofessional way of talking with no actions. Filing complaints against anything related to them is in vain. Unfortunately, my experience with them was nothing but a fraud.

جلسة ليزر

By Anonymous. On May 30th, 2016 At 04:14

Against InShape Clinic

Status: Sent to company

اللي حصل اني روحت عادي جدا لجلسات ليزر في عيادة inshape فرع جامعة الدول وكانت اول مرة واخر مرة, اللي عملتلي الجلسة دكتور اسمها منه, كنت انا اخر حد في الانتظار, معرفش بقى هي كانت تعبت ولا زهقت ولا ايه, المهم ان طول الجلسة كنت بموت منها بسبب ان الحرارة عاليه على بشرتي, وهي مفكرتش تظبطها او تقللها, مشغلتش الجيل اللي المفروض الجهاز بينزله علشان يخفف الألم, بدأت الجلسة وهي عارفة ان مفعول البنج راح وقالتلي لاء مش هنستنى تحطي بنج تاني, المهم ان بعد كل دا لأني حرفيا كنت بموت في ايديها واغم عليا مكملتليش الجلسةو كتبتلي الروشته وقالتلي طبيعي تحسي بالوجع كده خصوصا ان دي منطقة حساسة, لقيت نفسي مش بخف والوجع بيزيد, روحت لدكتور تاني قالي الحرارة كانت عالية جدا مما أدى لسلخ الجلد تماما, والحرارة اللي تسبب الحروق بالمنظر دا بتكون من اول 55 درجة فيما فوق وان بشرتي متستحملش اكترمن 25 درجة ولو هتبقى عاليه عليا كمان هتوصل ل30, انما 55 دا مفيش حد يستحملها, وكمان لما شاف الروشته بتاعتها لقى ان في نوع مرهم من اللي مكتوبين مش بيتكتب غير في حالات الحروق الجامده وقالي هي عارفة انك اتحرقتي لان المرهم دا مش بنكتبه غير في حالات الحروق الجامده بس ودا المفروض ميحصلش, لما دخلت اشتكيت على البيدج بتاعت inshape عملولي بلوك اصلا من الصفحة, اتصلت بيهم قدمت شكوى في الدكتورة والحل بتاعهم انهم يعالجوني ببلاش.. انا قادرة اعالج نفسي كويس ورفضت اني اروح المكان دا تاني, انا عايزة الدكتورة دي تتوقف خالص ايه الإجراءات اللي ممكن اخدها