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Misleading information & poor customer service

By Salma Sami. On April 15th, 2014 At 15:03

Against IKEA

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IKEA.. well, I know that some of you might be surprised.. me too. My story began like any others going there almost on weekly basis loving the environment and buying a lot of off-the-shelf stuff. Of course i recommended the place to everyone i met. till what had happened. We bought Hemnes Daybed Frame about a month and a half ago which the quantity was very limited by then. but the mattress was out of stock(and it is very specific one). So i asked the guy when the mattress will arrive and he advised that it will arrive within a week to two maximum. Anyways, i waited for two weeks and went there and asked. They said it will take another more week.. again went there after a week they told me give us another 2 more weeks and one of the representative told me to go to a tailor and ask him to make me one, that's when i literally lost my mind.. How come i hear this in IKEA !! and from a sales person there.... we reached the point that again i shall wait for one more week. We went to IKEA last Sunday and were really polite and asked for the Customer Service Manager but the Representative left us waiting for 20 MNS and he came back apologizing that there is sort of a taxes issue and the mattress is on hold and they cant import it in Egypt.. That's when i was asking myself do we look that dumb!! My husband starts to lose his temper and asked for the manager, a guy claimed that he is the responsible one (while he was wearing the same dress code) apologized and said the