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Changing credit card instructions

By Sameh El Bahnasawy. On March 17th, 2015 At 11:56

Against HSBC

Status : Solved

I issued a credit card on April 2012 with the instructions " 100% settlement from the salary on the current account" On December 2014 the collection team gave me a call to inform me that i have an overdue of 12,000 LE and you are asked to pay this amount. later on i raised a complain to investigate the issue as this shouldn't have happened from the first place, i gave my instructions in order to avoid such situation. What happened is that MY BANK changed the instructions on the card, they changed the account from the "current account" to the "saving account" which most of the time didn't hold the amounts enough to cover the purchases done, this was done and i DIDN'T APPROVE. For the record this Saving account was closed on July 2014. The complain was raised on January and after more than 60 days of follow up and several calls to the call center with several commitments to have a call from the complaint team to resolve the issue but with no result at all. On the 15th of March after i lost hope i asked them to contact me with the customer care team while am on the phone and insisted on it, after struggling for a while they informed me that they will refund an mount of 1900 LE and when i spoke with the call center supervisor i got another feedback that the refund request was declined on the 10th of March and i wasn't informed, two different Statements in less than an hour from the same team in the same bank. On the same day one of the customer care team called me informi

الشراء من خلال الانترنيت

By Wafaa Mohamed. On March 12th, 2015 At 13:02

Against HSBC

Status: Published

الشراء من موقع ادفعلى عليه حظر ليه مش فاهمه ؟؟؟

Customer Service

By Dalia El-Menshawy. On January 18th, 2013 At 23:16

Against HSBC

Status: Published

i received a new corporate Master Card. Before travelling abroad, i called to make sure my card was activated, this happened twice to double confirm. After arriving, i was checking in the hotel, and they used my card to check me in, but it wasn't working. That was at 3:00 AM, there is no international customer service number on the card, so another hassle to try to reach them again for the 3rd time. After they picked up, i was told that the card hasn't been activated and the two people who answered me didn't have the authority to activate it, although they confirmed it was already active.

Call Center Working Hours

By Waleed Rahman. On January 7th, 2013 At 13:41

Against HSBC

Status: Published

HSBC switched their Call Center service to end at 9pm instead of 27/7!!!! When travelling oversees and their is any problem with any transaction it is not solved on the spot!! very much for a global bank..