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By Yasmin Kafafi. On May 16th, 2016 At 07:40

Against Ezz ElArab Automotive Group

Status: Pending

سيارة جديدة وفى فترة الضمان وسبب الاصابة الاصطدام داخل الجراج الخاص بى ووبالنسبة لسيارة عريقة وشهرتها بقوتها ومتانتها لا يمكن ان تصاب بهذاا الكم من الاضرار والتلفيات ومع عرضها على التوكيل قدروا التلفيات بنحو ٢٠ الف جنيه وذلك من دون مصاريف التركيب والصيانة وايضا اوضحوا عدم وجود قطع الغيار وسيتم استيرادها بعد ٤ اشهر وهو امر غير معقول لعميل. يريد استعادة سيارته ومن المفترض ان يتعامل مع توكيل اصلى عريق مثلكم ولم يفيدونا باى حلول على الاطلاق ويبدو انه عيب من عيوب التصنيع ورفضوا الاعتراف بذلك مما سيجعلنى اتوجه بالشكوى اولا للشركة الام وتحرير محضر فى الشرطة بامتناع التوكيل عن الصيانة وشكر

Horrible customer experience

By Ahmed Al Askalany. On December 20th, 2013 At 22:10

Against Ezz ElArab Automotive Group

Status: Published

I have been complaining about a loud metallic sound in my car when turning the driving wheel from most right to left. The car is Proton Gen-2 2013, with only ~9000KM on the road. The first time was at their Proton's service center, and I was told it has been fixed, and will not hear this sound again. Second time was at their authorized service center, Essam and Safa Service Center. At ESS, I was told that something only needed lubrication, and it has been done. Again, for the third time, I went to Ezz ElArab's service center, after complaining on the phone and being told that my complain has been recorded, and that I will be contacted for follow up. Now, the car still makes this ugly embarrassing sound, and no one has ever called to check whether this complaint has been resolved or not. When I called the service's hotline, I told them that I need a direct answer, whether this problem can be fixed or not? and why? Another thing. I have been waiting for a suspension kit from last Ramadan, and it was installed about a month ago. And when I asked for wheel alignment, I was told that another part attached to the right wheel needs replacement, and I should pay for that, although my car is still in the warranty period. The last thing is that I found the left door to be missing some interior-holding clips, and they also told me I have to pay 110 L.E for that. I argued that the car came without those clips, and again they told me they can't help with this because those clips