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Outstanding Bill Amount

By Anonymous. On February 2nd, 2016 At 03:03

Against Etisalat UAE

Status: Viewed by company

Billed on Closed Account & Outstanding Bill

Billed for Closed Account

By Anonymous. On January 12th, 2016 At 01:02

Against Etisalat UAE

Status: Declined

I had an old account with Etisalat which was closed in their Baniyas office in October 2012. I moved from the flat and after eight attempts to return the devices and cancel the account received the stamped return letter from the manager. However it appears their systems were down and the request was never entered that day. I was opening another account in February 2013 and found that they the account was never closed. So from September 2012 until February 2013 they were billing for an account that was supposed to be closed. I have tried over 10 times the last few years to resolve the issue as clearly they can see that someone else moved into the flat and connected service as well as having the stamped copy of the closure request as well as old my lease copy. I have opened multiple cases even opening the issue up with a senior person in another Etisalat department. He tried to escalate it from his side after seeing the problem however even this did not work as they refuse to see the mistake was caused by them not closing the account. They just keep saying you owe money on the account and opening complaints which no one really looks at.

Etisalat send wrong bill of closed account

By Nijas Rehman. On November 14th, 2015 At 02:38

Against Etisalat UAE

Status : Solved

Dear Sir, There are many issues I have faced with the leading Telecom provider "Etisalat" from their billing department during the last 6 to 8 months. The first issue was regarding the E-life plan which they have overcharged me for 3 months after I have upgraded my plan from 1 mbps to 10 mbps. Later this issue was resolved and closed with the help of Gulf News. The recent and the latest issue is that of which they have charged me for a bill that was issued in December 2012. On 10/10/2015 I have received an SMS stating that "I have an outstanding amount of AED 758 overdue for payment on your Etisalat account number 042206602-1. Send by TASHEEL on behalf of Etisalat". On inquiring about the same to the customer care, I was told that this connection was taken on 1994 and there was a pending payment of AED 758. I tried explaining to them that in 1994 I did not have any connection from that account and I have also told them that during this period from 1994 to 2015 I have changed my apartment 3 times with three different account and internet packages. If Etisalat's information were correct, then all 3 times of my shifting or application for new telephone connection should have been rejected and that this issue would have been raised during that period. On 25/10/2015 I have received another SMS stating that " Despite regular follow up and reminders you have not settled your account 042206602-1 in any manners. Thus Tasheel "Etisalat" is going to take further action, Going