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Horriable Customer Care

By Amr El Kafrawy. On May 16th, 2014 At 13:41

Against El-Tabei El-Domyati

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So, I ordered on a Friday morning two sandwiches from El Tabei. I asked a special request of not having salad in my sandwiches. A simple request, but given that they always get it wrong, I over emphasized that I DON'T WANT SALAD. An hour and later the order comes to my surprise with salad. That is not the worst part. Outraged and upset I contacted the call center to ask for my money back and for them to take the order. The call center was completely unable to respond properly. They left me on the line while the representative started telling in an annoyed manner what happened to her superior. Her superior than came on the line not to apologize, but ask how much money I paid to redeem it. I told her the amount including tips, and to my surprise she was telling me she won't give me back my tips (seeing that it's not asked for to begin with). The level of bad service is outrageous. And when I said the order shouldn't take this long, she said that it was due to prayer time. She should have notified the caller beforehand