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Incompetent doctors

By Yasmine Hashem. On December 28th, 2015 At 03:31

Against El-Ezaby Pharmacy

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EL-Ezaby Pharmacy careless and unprofessional doctors, they don't know medicines names and not willing to help. Called them to ask for a cream as my son's hand was burnt and the so called doctor insisted that there is no cream under this name,despite that I asked him clearly if it is not available at this branch so I can check anywhere else but he insisted that NO cream under this name was ever made. Called couple of non-famous pharmacies who easily understood my request and sent it ( yes I called 2 to proof to myself that I was not mistaken). Called El Ezaby back and the doctor who answered just told me yes we have it but you pronounce it wrong that's why we didn't send it so it's your mistake not the doctor's!!!! The cream name is Dermovate and I said Dermavate !!! Are the hired doctors that ignorant or they are extremely not willing to help people ?? The management should take this seriously we're not calling you to order luxurious goods ,it is medicine which means URGENT so whether you hire supportive and smart people or they'd better stay home.