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Extra Baggage Extra Charge

By Mostafa Qamar. On December 25th, 2016 At 06:53

Against Egyptair

Status: Viewed by company

Dear Sir, As per the information received from Egyptair Call Center +966122297777 that adding one more baggage will cost 100 SR and they requested me to send a copy of the credit card by email to , then after calling again to verify they received the credit card, they said we can't do it because the flight is less than 24 hrs and that I have to options, to pay on the counter 100 SR or to do that on My Booking. I took the less risky option and used my booking but the website charged 226 SR. Egyptair representative at Riyadh Airport asked me to visit customer service in Cairo Airport upon arrival to claim the difference. I filed a complain as per his advise in Cairo Airport and received useless back and forth emails. Egyptair online service has violated the promotion that was until Dec. 10th 2016 that extra bag is only 100 SR. Kindly I need to escalate that further.

The worst customer service

By Anonymous. On December 23rd, 2015 At 09:33

Against Egyptair

Status: Viewed by company

I hereby write you in order to share with you the worst experience I had so far with any airline. I was supposed to fly on 11/12/2015 from Cairo to Alexandria (Borg el Arab airport) on the flight number MS 180. The flight should have taken off at 10:30 PM, but after the arrival to Cairo airport it was announced that the flight will be delayed to 11:45 PM until then we didn’t have any issues as it happens that flights get delayed. After the boarding we were literally locked in the airplane till around 12:30 AM (which is 1 hour after the initial estimated time of arrival in Borg el Arab) without proper communication on what is the reason for the delay or the expected time of departure in order to arrange with those waiting for us in Borg el Arab airport. We were only informed that there is a technical problem when the passengers started complaining. At 1:00 AM we were disembarked from the plane saying that we will be moved to another one. We remained locked in the gate until 2:30 AM with promises that the other plane is being prepared and at around 4:00 AM we were informed that the flight was cancelled, after almost 6 hours from the scheduled time! It didn’t end here; we were left at the belt waiting for our luggage until 5:00 AM and the luggage came out only after the passengers started shouting and screaming it is worth mentioning here that some bags of some of the passengers were opened and stuff were missing! All the passengers were extremely furious and none of t

disrespect !

By Anonymous. On December 14th, 2015 At 17:24

Against Egyptair

Status : Solved

this is very long but please bare with me.i was coming from london to cairo friday december 11 and i was supposed to take the flight MS180 to alexandria at 10:25pm, i arrived from London at 9pm and found out that the plane to alexandria was delayed to 11:45pm. we boarded on the plane around 12, till1 am they kept saying that there are technical problems in the plane and they are trying to fix it, people started complaining until they said that we'll move us to another plane but they moved us back again to the gate at the airport people started fighting of course and the people from Egyptair working in the airport were very disrespectful and kept saying that they can't take responsibility and they can't take any decisions on how to manage the situation they didn't even apologize (very professional ha?)after lots of fighting they said that we'll take a plane at 2:10 am which of course didn't happen there was no other plane they were trying to fix the first one that's what we discovered later. we were stuck in the gate till around 3:30am ,police came and we wrote complains and( محضر رقم 2 أحوال شرطة السياحة بتاريخ 12-12-2015) and they said they'll give us the luggage(finally!!) and they are trying to provide limousines to take people to alexandria or hotels for those who want to stay overnight but they will fly on the next night's flight not even next morning! after more fighting and screaming they gave us the bags at 4:30 am many people's luggage were damaged and stolen Thank G

Egyptair Plus

By Yasin Bahaa el Din. On September 2nd, 2015 At 13:07

Against Egyptair

Status: Sent to company

Worst system Ever!! I called to retroclaim miles for a flight that I've been on, when I called the 1717 and requested the customer service, The automatic response told me that I have a waiting time of 61 minutes!!! I waited for 16 minutes and couldnt wait anymore. This is really ridiculous, One hour of waiting time to claim for miles? I tried doing the claim online on my account, and the website started showing errors with strange symbols. I also sent them two emails last week, through the contact us form. And received no response until today! Egyptair really need to work on improving their customer service, and hire a professional company for their website to check the silly errors that appear on the user accounts.

تصرف غير مسؤل من خدمه العملاء ومن قسم الشكاوى

By Ahmed El-Shanawany. On February 3rd, 2015 At 12:50

Against Egyptair

Status: Published

من اسبوعين تقريبا حجزت تذكرة سفر لأختي عن طريق موقع مصر للطيران ودفعت بالماستر كارد. اللي حصل ان واحده من زميلاتها في الشغل اتصلت بخدمة العملاء وادتلهم فقط اسم المسافر "اسم اختي يعني" وهما بدورهم ادولها رقم الرحلتين "الذهاب والعودة" ومواعيددهم والمبلغ اللي دفعناه في الحجز كمان كان كام. الموضوع مش خطير، لكن تصرف قذر جدا، طبعا انا لما عرفت دا كلمت البهوات بتوع خدمه العملاء، وبقولهم يعني ايه اي حد يتصل يقول اسم اي حد ياخد كل التفاصيل عنه، البنت بتاعه خدمه العملاء بمنتهى البرود سألتني عن إيه المطلوب دلوقتي؟ قلتلها عايز ارفع شكوى في خدمه العملاء ونشوف مين اللي اتصرف التصرف دا. قامت مدياني إيميل وقالتللي دا إيميل الشكاوى، بعت عليه طلع إيميل غلط ومفيش على سيرفر مصرللطيران إيميل بالاسم دا اتصلت تاني بخدمه العملاء، ردت عليا بنت مهذبه جدا، سمعت المشكله باستفاضه ، وقالتللي ازاي يفندم إحنا مبنعملش سيرش غير برقم الرحله او كود المسافر، فسألتها يعني حضرتك فالسيستم اختيار انك تبحثي باسم المسافر؟ ولا عندك الاختيار والتعليمات بتقول انك متستخدميهوش. قالتللي بالظبط أنا عندي الاختيار بس التعليمات بتمنع استخدامه، فقلتلها اللي حصل بقه ان واحد استخدمه وانا عايز اعرف هوا مين وازاي يعني كده؟ فقامت اديتني إيميل -صح بقه المره دي- وبالفعل بعت إيميل قسم الشكاوى مردش غير بعد اسبوع كامل، وكان ردهم زي ما خدمه العملاء قالوا لحضرتك هوا مينفعش إنهم يبحثوا بالإسم. رديت تاني وقلتلهم بس اهو حصل وحد عمل بحث، هل حضراتكوا هتاخدوا إجرائات علشان تعرفوا مين دا؟ وإيه اللي هيحصل معاه؟ ولسه محدش رد لحد دلوقتي الموضوع صحيح مش خطير بالمره، لكن تصرف غير مسؤل تماما، يعني إيه أتصل أعرف بيانات أي حد كده من غير ما تربطني ب