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Automatic adclick based service activation

By Alphin Tom. On November 15th, 2015 At 05:35

Against Du

Status: Sent to company

Last Thursday,12-Nov-15, I got an SMS from 9059 "Thank you for subscribing to International Pop Monthly WAP service. Your subscription will be automatically renewed for 10 AED for 30 Days. By subscribing you are accepting service T&Cs & authorize du to share your mobile number with SYMBIOTIC who manages this service. To deactivate SMS UNSUB IP to 9059." This is very unfortunate again from du. I had a previous experience of such service getting activated by just an ad click and had to pay monthly fee. Now I searched my history and found it happened right when a popup called "terraclicks.com" came up while browsing. This is a online virus redirect site which is a malware. How du is promoting such malware based services. Why there is no proper activation processes for any service like above is beyond my comprehension. Without any proper activation request how du is able to share personal info to SYMBIOTIC as mentioned in SMS. What is this company and how du is associated with it is still not known. Please help me and other du customers from suffering from such scams or malware attack. I followed up with du and immediately got it deactivated, however the first month charge they said cannot be cancelled. Also, they are saying since it got activated from my mobile data connection it's genuine charge. But they deny any association with 9059, terraclick.com and SYMBIOTIC. This makes using du mobile data very unsafe, any site with lots of ads or popups could end up i