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Dar El-Fouad Hospital 6th of October
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Emergency would not accept my 4 year old child

By Anonymous. On October 2nd, 2015 At 21:12

Against Dar El-Fouad Hospital 6th of October

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My 4 year old boy woke up 2 AM with severe stomach aches and was constantly throwing up and screaming from the pain and asking to go to his doctor because (imagine in how much pain he was so that he would ask to go to a Doctor). After about an hour of failed trials to help him we decided to take him to the hospital. We had a couple of close by hospitals but we werent sure if they had ER or not so we decided to go a bit further to Dar El-Fouad directly to save time. 1st of all in order to go to the ER in Dar El-Fouad u have to pay a ticket, which to me does not reflect the concent of ER. They had me waiting a couple of minutes at the gate and i had to quarrel with them to let me pass. Then, after reaching the ER, they refused to accept my child, in fact they didnt even bother giving him a tissue to wipe his mouth or something to throw up in. They actually told me that they have orders not to accept children in ER and that i have to go somewhere else. Elhamdolelah, things passed and i went to another hospital and they did what they had to and he got better. And again elhamdolelah it was a very minor issue tllhat wasnt critical, but my issue is what if his situation was critical. What if there was no time to get to another hospital. how do they call themselves a top hospital if they only serve the patients of their choice. We are always complaining about the service in public hospitals but it seems that the private ones are in it purely and solely for the mon