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Food , Taste and Quantty

By Marina Ghaly. On December 22nd, 2016 At 05:26

Against Cook door

Status: Sent to company

on the 22/12/2016 11:56am order number 5 , Branch of 6 El Merghany Street, Heliopolis , Cairo , Egypt 1. i have ordered Grilled Shrimp (Fasting صيامى) Medium Combo not the Sandwich I paid 60 pounds which is toooo way much for a fast food sandwich even if it is expensive stick to quantity and quality 2. the order came very small filled with colored cabbage and pickles and tooooooooooooooo MUCH BBQ sauce with 8 tasteless shrimps (I HAVE ordered it just grilled) it tasted like shit in every possible way just has 7 shrimps and the frescies was not that much of quality neither quality (just have a little heat that came from the fries place) 8-7 fries by number counted. I went to the manager complaining he smiled and said SHANGHAI way ,,,, & I WANTED IT GRILLED what was the hard way to get what i have said... is that wasn't clear !!!! It really tasted so bad and his handeling was sooooo annoying and i took my sandwich due to no time left in my break, wrote a complain there and here as well explaining , I have attached a picture of the order

Delivery late

By Islam Elaiddy . On June 20th, 2016 At 12:56

Against Cook door

Status: Sent to company

انا طلبت اوردر الساعه 4 العصر وقلتلهم عايزه علي الفطار وبعدين اهو الساعه 7:٥٠ بعد المغرب والاكل لسه جاي وانا طبعا رفضت استلمه لانه جاي بعد الفطار بساعه الا ربع وكلمت خدمه العملاء ردو عليه مره وقالولي هنتابع معاك ومحدش عبري منهم لحد دلوقتي فرفضت طبعا استلم الاكل علشان الاستهانه بالعملاء.