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laptop problem

By Dahlia Ahmed. On August 17th, 2015 At 12:20

Against Computershop

Status: Sent to company

Since buying the laptop and i have a problem which is when i connect the external hard disk that sometimes the laptop safely remove the hard disk and reconnect it again. 1st i thought the problem was from the hard disk itself although i use it on another laptop & i face no problem, anyway i changed the usb cable for the hard twice and the problem continuous then bought a usb hub and the problem still there. so i went to the maintenance in Computer Shop City Stars branch they told me possible due to a virus in the device so they did a recovery for the windows and tried it at home and the problem continues, once again I went and left the laptop for a period not less than 10 days in citystars branch and what they did was upgrading the software for the usb device and once again i tried it at home and the problem continues, I went again and asked the laptop to go to the Main Maintenance branch and i asked specifically if the problem requires to open the device I don't want it and i want them to replace it, the response was that this is not possible where "Redington Egypt" (who responsible for the maintenance works) they have the right to open the device if they have to,so they ignored my request! and two weeks later the agent "Redington Egypt" found that there is a problem with the laptop fan when the problems was with the usb and they opened the device and change the fan and after receiving it and took it home i found that there is no voice! i have to put headphones to hear any s

Unprofessional sales agent, customer service sucks

By Mohamed Fekri. On September 3rd, 2014 At 09:21

Against Computershop

Status: Published

Bought kingstone sd card 2 weeks ago, used it as external memory for my smartphone. Only one week and it's damaged. I get back to sheraton branch, agent refused to take it as I don't have the product case claiming that the warranty is on the case not the invoice however sales agent didn't tell me so. I called the complaints number they said they will try their best and will contact me in 24 hours just handle the product to the agent. He refused to take the product saying complaints knows nothing about vendors rules then he took it saying it will not be accepted. Customer support agent claims that the saleas agent told me this warranty thing and when I said that he didn't say that he simply said that maybe I forgot. It's been 48 hours and no one from Complaints contacted me. The worst ever

Worst customer service

By Yasser Abdou. On May 30th, 2014 At 20:15

Against Computershop

Status: Published

I went today to buy ink cartridge for my Canon printer from computershop masaken sheraton at 8 pm. The cartridge cost 144 LE I gave the sales man 200 and he gave me 65 only and said we don't have 1 LE change. I told him how come a computer shop can't give his customers the right change. So i went back to my car and got him 4 LE so he would retrun 5 LE, again he said I got only 20 LE, I told him ask of of the security guards working with you to get change from anywhere. I'm the customer !! he said no they can't, you go and get the change !!! At the end i gave him change of 20 LE and he did some calculations which i believe were wrong not sure to be honest and gave me the money. During the whole conversation he was so sarcastic about me want to get the 1 LE and the whole situation in front of other customers. At the end I asked him about his name "He wasn't wearing a name tag" so I can make a complaint he refused at the beginning and then he told me his name is Ahmed Ismail.