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Dont pay anything from there

By Afnan Rashdan. On January 5th, 2014 At 21:02

Against Club aldo

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i bought boot last winter in the sale there from city mall branch and didnt wear it till this winter and once wear it i relieased that the leather is total loss ...........i decided to talk with the branch manager for this bad product and how they sell such thing anyway i found that if i deal with a local supermarket it would be better in treatement the branch manager refused to give me his name and shouted @ me and after a hour of arguament he decided after i fed up and my friend voice became louder that he will show it to concerned departement this from month a month and i called several ppl and they called me today and said to me that they cant assist in anything advice never pay anthing out of there as the quality is zero and u will pay money for nothing ........same price u can get it from source or show room which better in treatment and qualty and most important the treatement