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Terrible customer service and delivery

By Amira Mekawy. On September 19th, 2013 At 10:31

Against Cinnabon

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I have 3 complains: 1- I ordered cinnabon to be delivered to the door of Degla Heliopolis club, they said, ok it will take an hour, after 2 hours and like 5 phone calls, they called and said ok we are sorry please said pick it up from the gate now, - (nearest cinnabon by the way is across the street in Sun City), I went to gate and searched everywhere it was still sunlight not dark to miss him, no one was their. After another half an hour I was leaving and they called me to say he is there again and while on the phone with me I reached the gate, I found him at the gate of the club, he was so rude, saying you are the one who missed me quoting" اصبري... انت اللي ماشوفتنيش" The customer service was still there heating how he talked and was ok for him. I said: "أنت جاي بعد 2.5؟ و على فكرة ما كنتش موجود و مش عايزة خلاص أنا ماشية ؟" delivery man replied : "خلاص بلاش أحسن" !!!!!!!! And he left while I was still talking and with the CS on the phone. The manager of the sun city branch called offered to send me free ones I said no way I am too made at cinnabon, you have no idea how to do business or treat people, you might have excellent products but nothing else. 2- The day before the previous incident, I was in City Stars, I went to Connabon with my husband, we stood at the counter and kept talking to each other discussing that BIG offer poster put infront of the cashier, the cashier kept taking orders from everyone, we haven't ordered, it took us 10 mins to decide meanwhil