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Rude behavior

By Anonymous. On November 27th, 2015 At 03:46

Against Charles and keith

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Please share .. I have a complaint.. I bought a bag 10 months ago, it costed me 800 pounds then it started to peel after 2 months.. I went to charles & keith mohandessin store and complained about that problem and the reply was '' you can replace it with any item that costs 500 pounds only because it's the last updated price on our system after sale''.. Then they called from 2 days and told me if i didn't take any item with 500 the money will be back to the company within 3 days, so i went there yesterday to get them back. They told me there is a new rule 6 months ago '' you can replace your bag with any item has the same price but unfotunately that new rule won't be applied on you'' Then he told me he will try to include me in that rule but then he called and told me that he couldn't.. You don't know how to deal with customers, the manager of mohandessin store is talking in a very rude way .. I will not trust you anymore and will post this on all websites. #don't shop# nasaben # 2araf # msh mo7taramen#charlesandkeith