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شيش طاووق حمضان - كارفور طنطا

By Mohamed Atef. On February 24th, 2016 At 09:45

Against Carrefour

Status: Viewed by company

اشتريت امبارح من كارفور شيش طاوف و طلع بايظ و رجعت انا مراتى و مع العلم هى حامل و حضراتكو متخيلين يعنى ايه حامل تامل اكل حمضان و غير كده مره اشتريت جبنه رونى كان فيها عفن

كاشير كارفور

By Mahmoud Ali. On December 10th, 2014 At 18:50

Against Carrefour

Status: Published

كارفور معادي سيتي سنتر......الكاشير حسب نفس الكيس مرتين وده مكانش معلبات ده جمبري وزن....يعني مستحيل نفس الوزن يتكرر مرتين وبنفس السيريال ولما كلمت الاستاذة بتاعة خدمة العملاء طلبت اروحلهم بالمنتج والفاتورة نفس الفرع طيب الفاتورة وسهلة انما المنتج في نفس الكيس اللي اتباع بيه هجيبه ازاي الحاجة اتقسمت على اكياس واستخدمت كمان يعني الغلط من عندهم وبيحاولوا يصعبوا الموضوع على العميل على قد ما يقدروا فرق ايه هايبر تبع شركة كبيرة زي الفطيم عن اي محل صغير لما الواحد يبقى محتاج يراجع الفاتورة كلمة كلمة قبل ما يتحرك من قدام الكاشير

A prize

By Marwa Droubi. On January 7th, 2013 At 11:14

Against Carrefour

Status: Published

Last Friday I was shopping at Carrefour Sun City mall , I bought a lot of stuff. While standing at the casheire calculating the things ; they announced that casheire number 11 won the prize of free bill of whatever you bought!!! At the same moment like everyone ran to me smiling congratulating me and I was really excited asking the guy who was working on my order is this true?! He was extremely nice and happy for me saying : yes Madame it's you! You are the winner i swear you won! :) . You can imagine the feeling I was almost crying of excitement. All of a sudden another employee poped out of the blue,took my receipt ( 1200 le) and told me sorry Madame you already paid so the prize will be given to the customer who's after you (bearing in mind that she had like a tiny order with no more than five simple items!). It was a shock! I couldnt even open my mouth i was really shocked.And he was too cool saying it happens no problem! Bye. Nobody can imagine how disappointed I was and how unprofessionally they handled the issue,he stepped away in order to give me the impression that I have to leave and that's it !!! I took my stuff and on my way to the parking I passed by the customer service to complain about the horrible incident,I found an employee who were not paying attention at all ( music was too loud and he didn't bother to invite me to an office or something in order to listen to me) he nagged his head and said that he'll report my complain and that's it. Bearing in min