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Overpriced Taxi Drive

By Bassem Wolsely. On May 21st, 2016 At 02:59

Against Careem

Status: Sent to company

According to their fare price, the one Km distance is for 1.30 EGP and with higher rates, it reaches 1.5 EGP as well as the waiting time or time taken to reach your destination is calculated at the rate 0.30 EGP to every minute. My Trips stats was the following: 80 Kms 3Hrs 30mins Time accordingly, I should pay (1.5EGP X 80Kms) = 120 EGP + (0.30 X 210 mins) = 63 Egp so I should pay a total of 183 EGP. But unfortunately this did not happen, the fare total was 243 EGP which is totally fraud , I used their fare rates available in the application and I made sure to ask the driver if there was any extra charges and he assured me there is nothing extra and I should have even been using the 1.3 EGP rate as there was no peak rates when I reserved the cab. Please Look after the matter urgently as they have absolutely been using us after we all stood for their fight against the White Taxi. Sincerely, Bassem Wolsely