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Ineffective Discounts

By Yasser Hassan. On May 26th, 2014 At 18:47

Against CIB

Status: Published

Yesterday we were denied the discount offered by Alfa Scan to CIB credit card holders. The information about such discount is published in CIB Discount Program , while Alfa Scan team (Maadi Cornich branch) claimed that they have no idea about such discount. As a customer who needs to have an urgent service; you eventually stop debating with the staff and pay the full fees. After posting complaint on CIB facebook page, I immediately received call from them confirming that the Discount is correct and it is valid till 7/2014, and the problem is from Alfa Scan side, and their suggestion was to call CIB call centre in case of repeated problem. I appreciate the prompt response indeed, but the proposed solution was not viable and insufficient. It doesn't help preventing the recurrence of such problem with other CIB customers. I was expecting CIB to tell me that they will contact Alfa Scan right away and advise them to ensure their staff awareness about such discount. From Alfa Scan side, I submitted a complaint on their website, and have got no response yet. I wonder how many of such fake or unattainable discounts are offered to the Egyptian consumers? The companies get the sought popularity while the customers get nothing but the waste of time and embarrassment!!


By Ahmed Ragheb. On January 13th, 2013 At 12:05

Against CIB

Status: Published

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