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Brilliance Auto (Bavarian Auto Group)
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Inefficient Customer Service

By Sherif Farid. On October 15th, 2013 At 03:14

Against Brilliance Auto (Bavarian Auto Group)

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Hi Eshteki Team; Long Story short, a friend of mine and I have a Brilliance FSV and a Brilliance FRV respectively. My friend with the FSV wanted to perform the 40000 KM Maintenance. While, on the other hand, My FRV, that I've had for 4 months (Only used for 7000 KM) has a lot of defects. One of these defects is with the brakes, that might fail at anytime, putting my life in danger. We called the Brilliance Auto Call Center to make an appointment for check up and maintenance. Our appointment as on Saturday the 12th of October at 10 AM. I had to stay over my friend's house, sleep for only 4 hours and go all the way from Shobra to Katameya to reach the service center. Only to arrive there and find that they're closed. It's unacceptable and very disrespectful to set an appointment up for us and we find the Service Center closed. Keeping in mind that the girl who answered our call (Her name was Aya) was told about the brakes issue in my car (One of numerous issues) and she confirmed the appointment on Saturday. I hope you guys can make a better effort than I did to reach them and file that complaint. I will not pay a penny for fixing something that is not supposed to break down after 4 months of use. Especially, after what happened on Saturday. On a Side Note; When I visited the Service Center in Gesr El Sewis for the 2000 KM Maintenance, I told them about the brakes issue and they said they fixed it. Thank you in advance guys. I really love the idea of the website.