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Poor Service

By Sherif Farid. On October 4th, 2015 At 01:00

Against Bob Sushi

Status: Sent to company

Hello There; I had a terrible experience with a Sushi Restaurant called Bob Sushi. It's located in 3 Galaa Street, Dokki. I went there to try out some of their Sushi, sat on the table, got the menu and started checking it. I then called out for the waiter for his suggestions out of the menu. While he was talking to me, the phone rang, he said that he has to answer. Politely enough, I told him to take his time. Then, the next thing that happens is him answering numerous phones, preparing take away orders, and not even looking at us for the next 25 minutes. After he actually finished whatever he was doing, he came back to us and he even forgot what we were talking about and kept standing there for us to give him our order. We entered the place at around 5 minutes before 9 PM and left there at 9:25 without ordering anything. This is disgraceful and very disrespectful, especially that it's a new restaurant that is trying to make a name for itself among other Sushi restaurants in Egypt. If their service is that bad, then I actually cannot trust their food or what they're serving. Thank you.