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Bayside Red Sea
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a very bad experience

By Anonymous. On October 12th, 2015 At 05:36

Against Bayside Red Sea

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A very bad experience. Yes the view was breathtaking and the weather was amazing, but the rooms cleanliness, service, location (no sign on the main road, so you figure it out by yourself) it was AWFUL! The night at this place costs 700 + 12% service, With breakfast (which is a set menu of fool, omelette and tomato with white cheese) and this is how we found the rooms: 1- the toilet is broken, 2- the sink of the shower was broken 3- no heated water in the toilets 4- and the best part is, سوس فخشاب السرير. It was a terrible experience and they kept moving us from one room to the other, And they were all horrible. The funniest part is the owner's feedback: "i'm really sorry, but if you've never been to ras sedr before this is the best you can get and we're the cleanest place around" Don't pay money in this place, its not worth it