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فيزا كارت

By Anonymous. On April 30th, 2016 At 08:35

Against Barclays Bank

Status: Sent to company

المندوب عمل معايا العقد علي انها من غير رسوم اصدار والحد الاقصي ليها من اربع لخمس اضعاف المرتب وكمان هينزلي عليها رصيد مجاني طبعا مفيش اي حاجة من دي اتنفذت وبمجرد اني فعلتها من غير ما استخدمها اساسا نزل عليا مصاريف وفوايد وصلت لغاية دلوقتي حوالي ٦٠٠ جنيه من غير ماستعمل منها قرش واحد حتي

Unable to close my credit card!

By Ahmed Hussam. On October 9th, 2013 At 23:57

Against Barclays Bank

Status : Solved

last June I closed my credit card with Barclays and paid all my debts as I told them I'm leaving Egypt and travelling abroad... just today I was surprised to learn by chance that my card is still activated and working normally, and that I have overdue payments... their explanation was that I have companies that are automatically deducting money from the credit card and they have to pay! I complained that this is not the banks problem if I have payments or not... and that this is something I should settle directly with these companies... but the bank should cancel my card as per my request... but they refused to close my card! and now I'm travelling again out of Egypt and I have no idea what I should do! I'm not in Egypt and will be unable to pay any monthly payments... and I'll just end up with a tower of debt due to unpaid monthly statements... HELP!