Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is eshteki?
    Eshteki is the first complaints network in the middle east. Our aim is to link angry consumers with service providers. We help the businesses to focus on customers complaints and getting them solved.

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    Why to use eshteki?
    Eshteki helps you override boring and redundant customer service calls, waiting for long time to get a representative talking to you. Following the same procedures dozens of times to troubleshoot your issue. We take your complaint socially so that you can get better response. However, eshteki do this privately and securely without getting the public to know all your information and making sure only the business provider can reach you to solve the problem.

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    How does eshteki work?
    You can submit a complaint against any service provider. Eshteki starts connecting to this service provider and notify it with the complaint on your behalf. The service provider then will get in touch with you to solve your problem. After the problem is solved it's marked as solved on so other people can see the solved complaints.

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    Why should I complain?
    Have your problem ever been solved when you were silent? NEVER, you should stand for your rights and complaint against any unpleasant or unfair treatment you've faced.From one hand, your complaint can get solved, and from the other hand you will share your experience with others who can avoid being in the same situation. Another perspective to consider is that you actually help service providers know their weaknesses and start improving them. That's why our slogan is "Better service starts here"

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    What else can I do on
    Getting your complaints read and solved is not the only feature. You can browse all the complaints and categorize them by company, sector or view recent complaints. Getting to know what others are saying and how their problems are being addressed. And if you had the same problem, you can start commenting and sharing what happened to you and how you get this solved. You can also view the history of your complaints and track the status of each one. Furthermore, we're adding some more features including companies' ratings and comparisons between competitors and much more!

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    How will I know when a business responds?
    When a service provider responds to your complaint you will receive an email. You can also open your complaints history from time to time to track your complaints' status.

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    What happens if I'm unhappy with the businesses response?
    Not all businesses understand that "Customers come first". Through Eshteki, we're working on raising the awareness of constructive criticism and encouraging businesses to respond and solve customers problems as fast as possible.

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    Should I register in order to post on the website?
    Our aim at Eshteki is to help customers getting their complaints solved. We're not trying to get noticed by ruining businesses reputation on social media. That's why we have to verify every complaint and capture the information of the customer. Mainly, to forward these information to the service provider to solve your problem, and from the other side to filter fraud complaints. However, you can still post complaints as anonymous to help you keep your complaints private.

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    I posted a complaint. Why it hasn't shown up?
    If you're submiting a complaint against a new company. We put the complaint on hold until we're able to verify the company and publish a page about this company.

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    Shouldn't companies have a chance to respond?
    On Eshteki, we encourage companies to respond to your complaints. That's why companies can sign up for free with Eshteki to receive customers' complaints and start connecting to angry customers immediately with no setup fees.

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    Why do you send my complaints to the companies I write about?
    As we said our slogan is "Better service starts here". All complaints are forwarded to the service providers to start solving them and to know in which areas they need to improve.