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Edfa3ly: Safer eshtery &agtak; be nafsak ashalak!

By Yomna El-Awamri On January 9th, 2015 At 18:33

Against edfa3ly


I don't understand the point of this company or the service they provide anymore. This is the second time now that the order is soooo late i wish i never made it in the first place. Never mind, all the times i just suffered in silence and didn't file a complaint. The first time I waited for 3 months with no change whatsoever in the order that i just lost interest and cancelled as it was a birthday present and it was too late. The next time I chose the express service which is probably a scam as they were late anyway and the only difference was that I got the same shitty service but I only paid more for it. The only reason they did the express service in the first place is to get people to pay more money for the same service that they can't provide anymore and the rest elly estakhdemo the normal shipping haygelhom el order fe de3f el moda elly kan byeegy beeha zaman. So, this time I ordered a month early so that the gift comes on time. And since express shipping has been proven to be a scam and they come late anyways I saved my 5 dollars and ordered with normal shipping. I made an order for a book on the second of December and so far i have no idea when I am going to get it. Needless to say the birthday has been long gone for over two weeks now. I called them 3 weeks after I made the order because their tracking system showed that they have just received the book from amazon even though amazon delivers in 2 to 3 days and the tracking system showed that they indeed received it


By valentina ma On January 6th, 2015 At 14:14

Against Jumia Egypt


I am complain because this is the second time I lost money on this poor customer service company. First time I did order a sport pant size M and I receiver XXXXL. I called and they told my that I couldn't return because in the policy sport clothes cannot be return back ( even if they made mistake on size). So I was upset for that but was not so much money. This time I returned back an items and when I called I sayid that the brown cartoon inside was broken and I asked if that was a probem, the call center said NO PROBLEM. After one week I called again and they said that I cannot have money back because wasn't in the original conditions as the plastic bag inside wasn't there. My question is: How can I see an Item is I don't brake the plastic bag inside? Than the line was cutting off and I tryed to call another 2 times and nobody answered. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BAD SHOPPING EXPERIENCE

No Spare parts

By Walid Nagy On December 31st, 2014 At 13:23

Against Beko


My washing mashine broke down, i called the customer support on 16165 they answered and they set an appointment for the technician to visit and check whats wrong with the machine. The guy came two days later and checked the machine and informed me that the timer is mulfunction and needs to be replaced. i said "ok" he told me the service people will call you to set another date so that we can come and replace this part. Two days later and no one is calling. i called them back, the answer was shocking!! we are sorry we did not get back to you but your machine is a little bit old so that its spares is not available (i bought it in 2005) i still remember when the sales guy sold it to me he mentioned that "Our product is a life time products and never worry about after sales service" Any way, the surprise is after this phone call, the machine worked very fine again and the issue was not with the timer, it was with the door lock!! a day later the door lock cased a short circuit and the mother bored blowed off. I kept calling the call center over 5 times and i made two complains but they do not call back nore they even care to send some one to see what is wrong with this machine since they already took fees for the first visit. Since they knew that they have no spare parts for this product they are pretending that they never got my call. Please do not buy Beko products, bad quality, no spare parts, no aftersales service, un professional people, they take money for no service

New User Complaint

By ahmed Ismail On December 28th, 2014 At 16:28

Against OSN


Dear All: Kindly be informed that i subscribed at your service at 7/12/2014 via telephone, i contacted your customer service to ask how to subscribe, it was done within the call by your representative (Mohamed.Nassar) by updating my data, my Personal ID data and my credit card number in order to pay the first payment , he deducted 459 EGP successfully online, in the same day telling me that OSN will charge my card with the amount of 109 EGP and i agreed on the terms, also I received a confirmation mail that the payment deducted online successfully with a subscription number 1942590 After 1 day the service was activated successfully, and I sent the contract, ID and credit card via mail. Starting of 17 or 18 December the service deactivated daily and activated again according to a phone call to your customer service daily due to my documents was not received via mail whoever it was sent to as your technical representative forget to took the signed documents in the same day of activation. After sending these documents for 6 consecutive days and each time they told me that they will call me to confirm which does not happen except once from someone called Ghada which is a professional representative who followed the problem with a promise that it will never happen again. Today after 21 days of subscription i was shocked when they told me that the concerned department refused my credit card as it's a debit card cannot be used online.. Unfortunately the card

No Internet connection

By Ismail Sobhy On December 27th, 2014 At 16:17

Against Telecom Egypt and Te data


Telecom Egypt changed phone numbers for many people in my district without prior notice. According to their response so that they enhance the central (Nasr 2 in my case), to make speed faster and decrease future problems. The idea that both Telecom Egypt and TE data did not organize with each other to switch the internet on the new number when it changed (TE Data was established by Telecom Egypt, any organization abilities?). When i ask Te data, i am told to wait over and over again for something that is not my fault. This is a complete disregard. I need the internet for my work and i missed deadlines because of that. If i was a new client, i would be dealt in a better manner and i would be given promotions. They know quiet well that if i ask for the cancellation number, it takes time to transfer to another company and other companies might not have any support for fiber optic in the future provided by Telecom Egypt. This can be defined as text book monopoly. All i ask is my internet connection back. It is my right, and it should be handled in the fastest manner possible. I am not asking for better wiring for the buildings which is supposed to be taken care of by Telecom Egypt or better internet prices that are more concurrent and cheap with the provided low speeds and quality.