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كاشير كارفور

By Mahmoud Ali On December 10th, 2014 At 18:50

Against Carrefour


كارفور معادي سيتي سنتر......الكاشير حسب نفس الكيس مرتين وده مكانش معلبات ده جمبري وزن....يعني مستحيل نفس الوزن يتكرر مرتين وبنفس السيريال ولما كلمت الاستاذة بتاعة خدمة العملاء طلبت اروحلهم بالمنتج والفاتورة نفس الفرع طيب الفاتورة وسهلة انما المنتج في نفس الكيس اللي اتباع بيه هجيبه ازاي الحاجة اتقسمت على اكياس واستخدمت كمان يعني الغلط من عندهم وبيحاولوا يصعبوا الموضوع على العميل على قد ما يقدروا فرق ايه هايبر تبع شركة كبيرة زي الفطيم عن اي محل صغير لما الواحد يبقى محتاج يراجع الفاتورة كلمة كلمة قبل ما يتحرك من قدام الكاشير

Data package isn't working.

By Kareem Ismail On December 8th, 2014 At 13:32

Against Etisalat


I got data line # 01128799572 on Max 240 L.E a few days back. It's not working until now. their technical support tried everything they can and couldn't fix it and told me to visit a branch that has tech support. I won't visit cause I already spent almost 2 hours trying to "migrate" to the max package. When I access the SelfCare it keeps giving me "Error loading page" error message. I also tried adding a sub account(share service) and it showed the same error message. Called their call center and you told me that everything is completely normal and I had to send a text from the main account so the sub would work. I did that and the reply I got was "This number is already in Share service". I tried using the internet from that number and it deducted money for the daily internet package !!!!! I called back and they said I had to send C from the sub account so it'd be activated (even though I clearly told you I haven't received any txt saying I was added). I did and it said (ofcourse) your request is invalid. I called back and one of theie agents escalated the case and told me we'll submit a request. A few minutes later I get a confirmation SMS that the issue has been resolved and another asking me to send the confirmation SMS to activate share. After I did that I got a response saying there was a problem processing your request, please visit the website for more details. I've been dealing with their customer service for more than a week now. I paid 250 L.E for a data p

اسوأ خدمة عملاء فى مصر

By Enas Ali On November 4th, 2014 At 11:07

Against Jumia Egypt


عملت اوردر من جوميا يوم 16*/10...المهم جالى فيه قطعتين واحده عايزة ابدلها بمقاس اصغر والتانية عايزة ارجعها...كلمتهم الخميس 2310 و خدمة العملا قالتلى انها حتبعنلى حد يوم الاحد عشان ياخد منى اللى عايزة ارجعه و يدينى المقاس المظبوط بدل اللى معايا...عدى الاحد و الاتنين و التلاتاء كلمتهم قالتلى لا حاضر يا فندم و حبعت لحضرتك حد بكره اللى هو الاربعاء بالحاجة...طبعا محدش جيه الاربع و لقيت بتاع ارامكس جايلى الخميس بالبلوفر على انه اوردر جديد انا طالباه!!!!...مخدتوش منه و كلمت جوميا قالتلى معلش يا فندم ده حصل غلط و هى عملتلك اوردر جديد بالحاجة بدل ما تعمل تبديل...نص ساعة بالظبط حظبط الدنيا و اكلم حضرتك و طبعا ماتصلتش...يوم الاحد 2/11 كلمتهم و قلتلها عايزه اكلم مدير عندكو طبعا موصلتنيش بحد و قالتلى حضرتك ادينى فرصة اصلحلك انا الموضوع و حبعتلك رسالة بتفاصيل الاوردر الجديد...برضه مفيش اى حاجة اتبعتت كلمتهم تانى و صممت انى اكلم مدير هناك قالتلى طب حضرتك سيبى رقم الاوردر بتاعك عشان المدير يشوف الشكوى ايه و يكلم حضرتك...و طبعا و لا حد اتصل شكرا جوميا مصر

Not Committed as per contract

By Ahmed Ramy On November 1st, 2014 At 16:50

Against Better Home


You are the worse company...part 2

By Ahmed Hedar On October 20th, 2014 At 11:53

Against Telecom Egypt


Here are my observations, after having dealt with dozens of workers, from repairmen all the way up to office personnel.... They do not understand the the concept of 'serving the customer' and need training in all aspects, including how to talk to customers They are incompetent ... totally not trained to do the work that they are hired for. They are self serving...... They 'make' work by purposely not finishing a job so they are called back and therefore earn a little extra on the side.(of course, you are expected to pay a tip) They do poor quality work so it has to be redone soon after and therefore the customer pays another tip all the while making it seem like they are doing you a favor. They take the highest; whoever is willing to pay more gets preferential treatment. They give preferential treatment to those that have connections...or those that can do them a favor in return. They make totally outrageous promises just to appease the customer, fully knowing that they will not do what they say. There is no sense of doing a job well...its all about how much they can get, how fast they can finish. You couldn't expect any work to be done anywhere near Eid (before or after) or another holiday....not even on Thursday...cuz that's right before Friday. On top if it, they don't have proper equipment, oftentimes borrowing a phone or another peice of equipment. The repairmen have come and left us waiting at the box outside the house promising to be back in 5 minut